3D stereoscopic shutter glasses driver

Stereoscopic 3D VGA Pass-through Dongle w/ Reverse Toggle and Delay Control

**Currently out of production**

The Stereoscopic 3D VGA Pass-through Dongle w/ Reverse Toggle and Delay Control is the perfect accessory to resolve many compatibility issues between VESA 3d shutter glasses and a number of consumer grade 3d-compatible DLP projectors (e.g. the BenQ MP720p, BenQ MP721, Sharp XR10X, Infocus X1 etc).

Many shutter glasses on the market today (e.g. ELSA, eDimensional, CrystalEyes, Samsung) adopt the VESA standard 3-pin connector to control shutter switching, and although they are shipped with their own VGA dongles these are usually intended to be used with CRT monitors and sometimes only in interlaced mode (e.g. eDimensionals).

Although they can be used in page-flipping mode (as required by the 85hz DLP projectors detailed here) there are problems with parallax inversion (eyes reversed) and unecessary ghosting due to a slight mis-synchronization between the projector image flipping and glasses shuttering.

Now there is an affordable VGA dongle available to resolve these issues!


  • On / off control to instantly enable your VESA compatible IR emitter (not included).
  • Reverse switch to reverse the eyes in case of inverse-parallax.
  • Delay control to allow adjustment over the timing of glasses shuttering.
  • Compatible from 60->120hz - all resolutions.
  • VESA standard 3-pin output for connection to compatible emitter.
  • VGA input / output connectors allow a long cable run between the computer and dongle so it can be situated conveniently for easy access.
  • Ideal for use with the new NVIDIA 3dVision solution or any other VESA compatible shutter glasses (not included).
  • Compatible with any 3d drivers capable of VGA page-flipping.


Stereoscopic 3D VGA Pass-through Dongle w/ Reverse Toggle and Delay Control. Appearance of actual unit may vary from that pictured.

Price: TBC

Purchasing Info

This unit is currently out of production. We do intend to restart in the coming months. Please watch this space.

Important notes

  1. Product consists of the device and instructions only. No cables or accessories are included.
  2. This device operates on VGA signals only and requires your graphics card to provide +5V on pin #9 of the connector. Early, non-DDC cards did not provide this output and this device will not work as standard on such cards.
  3. This device is not compatible with DVI signals or connectors, although it will work when used with the VGA output available from DVI-I connectors, provided suitable adapters / cabling are used.
  4. The device has two female 15-pin, high density D-Sub connectors, wired as standard VGA ports. One should be connected to the VGA output of your graphics card, the other to the input of your display device. You will need two suitable cables to allow these connections to be correctly made.
  5. The device has one female 3-pin mini-din connector, outputting the VESA page-flipping signals on the standard pins. This should be connected to your VESA-compliant shutter glasses controller, e.g. the IR emmitter that came with your shutter glasses. You will need a suitable cable to allow this connection to be correctly made.
  6. This device is designed to produce a VESA shutter glass controller compliant output from input VGA signals where the output can be delayed by a variable amount and its polarity can be flipped. The device should not be used for any other purpose than this